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Pictures are required on all goats being registered in the Grade and Experimental categories. Also on the first generation entering the American (87.5%) category and the first generation entering the Purebred category (98.43%). Photographs are also required for any rare or developing breed and may be required for goats coming from other registries. Color prints are preferred, but black-and-white will also be accepted; Good clear computer printouts will also be accepted. You may also submit photos online, via email or on a CD. Just make sure that your photos are always clearly marked as to which goat is which. When taking pictures the animal should be standing on level ground with its head up, and against a plain background if possible. Try to get a fairly close up picture in good focus and with relatively good lighting. Try to avoid taking pictures when the goat is scrunched up, struggling to get away or running. Do not edit your pictures! (except something like turning them) Any pictures that show any signs of having been edited or photo-shopped will not be accepted!

Application for Registration (Goat)