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Timothy Sanyaolu

focus on promoting and ensuring the continued vitality of the Nigerian Dwarf goat as a true miniature dairy breed. Email; Phone 23480342533396; Country Nigeria

United States

Stillwater Creek Farm 
P.O. Box 96, 
Smithville, AR. 72466
Saanen and Saanen cross. Good Milking lines 


Little Moon Acres
Little Moon Acres is a family operated, small dairy goat farm located in North Eastern Connecticut, USA. We breed purebred Nigerian Dwarfs for milk production, show, and pets/4H projects. We love our goats as more than just pets, and insure the same to every home they go to. Reservations are strictly made, if you are interested contact us at! God Bless- The Alexander Family

Misty Highland Farm
We are a small dairy goat farm raising LaMancha, Mini Mancha, Nigerian Dwarf, and experimental dairy goats for family milk and also use the milk for soap making. We also have herd shares available from May through December. We typically have 20 or so babies available each spring and occasionally and adult goat. We do a goat husbandry class in the spring/summer through our local Agriculture Commission and also do farm visits by appointment only since we are a working family farm and free time is limited. Sue Barry (860)-234-0438

Masada Farm
We raise and breed Nigerian Dwarf goats in eastern Colorado.

Thunder Ridge Farm
We have registerd and unregisterd Nigerian Dwarf Goats, blue eyes, nice colors, friendly, healthy, very good Backround and Bloodlines with milking stars, CAE free Herd. Breeder since 1999 for color, showing and health. Web site 
Phone 303-648-9152 

Blue Star Farm
We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for our own home dairy. We have purebred and recorded grade babies for sale. Our goats are CAE, CL, Johnes and TB negative. We believe in holistic, organic living and keep our goats this way, too.

Cinnamon Sweet Farm

I breed Mini LaMancha, a cross between LaMancha and Nigerian. We also have full, 100% LaMancha and full Nigerian on our farm.

Flowers' Lil' Eden
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Doerun, GA229-669-4051 

 Honeysuckle Miniatures
Specializing in rare breed goats and sheep including San Clemente Island Goats. We breed for hardy, disease resistant, and easy to handle animals that have correct conformation.

Still Waters Farm
Raising Miniature Nubians in central Indiana.  

T K Kid Farm
We are located in southern Indiana and raise top of the line LaManchas and Nigerians. All our goats are CAE, CL, and Johnes Free
Tavin O'Dell 


Rodgers' Country Business
At "Rodgers' Country Business" we currently own small breed goats. Our goal is to soon expand our herd to include Nubians and start milking. We also raise several kinds of poultry. Our motto is "lovin' the country life."


Half Pint Acres

Half Pine Acres strives to breed high quality animals with strong milking lines. we offer Nigerian Dwarfs, LaManchas, and MiniMancha and are located near Wichita, KS. Contact Chelsea Nickell at with any inquiries or call 240-475-1147


Dancing Dragon Goat Farm
Dancing Dragon Goat Farm where big smiles come in small packages. We breed for disposition and dairy. Many of our sold goats have gone on to become champions in show.

HVF Mini Milkers
We are a small homestead breeding Miniature Nubians with a focus on traits and size, not just generation numbers. We are working on a website and will update our info when it is up and running; until then email us at mpayne7575@yahoo,com. We will not have kids available for sale until 2017.

Danielle Neal
Raising and breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Contact for more information via email at

Withering Heights Farm
Raising and breeding quality Nigerian Dwarfs. contact for more info via email.


Goat Berry Trails

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, purebred and grade.

Locust Valley Homestead

Locust Valley Homestead is a family farm in Oxford, MI raising purebred Nubian and Alpine dairy goats, Nubian-Alpine cross dairy goats and Marsh Romney sheep. We breed for 4H youth as well as backyard and small farm dairies and fiber flocks. We raise our animals naturally and humanely respecting their uniqueness and contributiuons to our family farm. Locust Valley Homestead Derenda and Dave LeFevre

Phoenix Down Farm
Offering an assortment of breeds and crosses in a variety of sizes, kids spring and fall. Also offering many goat related service to local goat owners like disbudding, banding, hoof trimming, etc.
Check out our Facebook Page

Crowned With Goodness Farm 
Nubian, Mini Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. 
25552 S 2225 Rd 
Milo, MO 64767.

Big Sky's Blessings 
I raise beautiful Mini Manchas with great temperaments. I have 4th and 5th registered generations and recorded grades. I also have a nice 4th generation Mini Mancha Buck. These goats have nice bloodlines, great confirmation, good milk lines, fun temperaments, and beautiful color.      
I also test for CAE, Yonies and CA.
Country Mama Goats and Soap
Raising quality Nigerian Dwarfs in the flathead valley, Montana. Go to to view our goats 
JustMySize Nigerians
Home of JustMySize Nigerians, quality Nigerian dwarfs in Northwest Montana. Shipping quality goatsmilk soap nationwide. Checkout my facebook page at!/countrymamasoap for updates on whats available. 

New Jersey

Buckleberry Ferns
Small homestead focused on Type, Temperment, and Production. Email

New York 

Brian Visokay

L'ile de Feu Acres is home to Basset Hounds, Pymy goats, mini silky fainting goats and San Clemente goats. From time to time we do have kids and older goats available. Inquiries to Brian Visokay at or 212-255-4669

Ky's Farm

Ky's Farm is located in Big Flats, NY. I am a 4Her that loves raising and having goats.

Sheep Gate Farm 
Mini Nubian Dairy Goats.Show, Pet and Dairy Goats.


Buckeye State Minis
I breed quality nigerian dwarf and nigerian crosses. i breed for blue eyes, moonspots, and buckskins. milk production is great. all goats have placed very well at county fairs and open shows. a few grand champions and tons of reserve champions. kid production is great, mostly twins and mostly does are born. 

S&H Black Bay Farm

S&H Black Bay Farm offers breeding services to a select number of does each year. Our bucks come from well-known dairy lines and exhibit strong dairy characteristics. We also occasionally offer kids for sale. For more information, call 740-817-4745, or Thank you.

Bosky Dell Farm 
Breeding quality Nubian and Miniature Nubian dairy goats in 
Oregon City, OR. 
Contact:  971-400-1089  

Cornerstone Farm 
Wayne & Jaci Delgado
28880 SE Hawkins Lane
Eagle Creek, OR 97022 

Getfoola Farms
Getfoola Farms raises Nubian goats and hair sheep. Contact Trina Voss 310-405-1581. Located in Estacada, OR

Karen Broadway
Rivetti Warren line of SCI Goats. Buck is Alarico Suave, 5 does ranging from 1 y/o Carmella to Six y/o Does obtained directly from Mardi. Animals are not for sale. Raising SCI for use in County and State Fairs as well as Zoo exhibitions to increase public awareness.

Milkcreek Ridge Mini's 
Raise & Breed Mini Nubian Goats 
Mountain Meadow Ranch - 2MR 
Breeder of Oberhasli goats with focus on hardyness, dairyness and polled (hornless). Oberhasli-Brienzer Type was know world wide as a polled breed. When orginally imported to the USA it was still a polled breed. In 1980' the Swiss herds were still mostly polled. Our #1 breeding goal is 100% hornless births. 

Gerties Goatery 
Raising Nubian and Nubian Crossed goats. 
Gettysburg PA 17325

"Chris and Melissa Oknefski. Registered Dairy Goats.

South Carolina 

Liberty Homestead Farm
Raising high quality heritage breed livestock; We raise Oberhasli and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for milking and show; also Gulf Coast Native sheep for wool, meat, and milk. Breeding stock available throughout the season, also All Natural Goat’s Milk Soap in small quantities. We also have Chaffhaye available for purchase on the farm. See our website @ for more information.

Gods Blessing Farm 
Raising Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Registered Pygmy Goats and Homestead Dual Purpose Goats. For more info please visit

Queen Bee Farm
We are a family owned sustainable permaculture farm focusing on Nigerian Dwarf goats, specifically for the purpose of producing milk.

We raise Registered dairy goats on the Cumberland Plateau area in Tennessee. Strive to produce heavy milking animals that are easy on the eyes but not on the milk buckets. Our primary breed is LaManchas because of their great personalities. But we also raise Alpines, Nubians, and Recorded Grades. Feel free to contact us with any further questions at: 


A small backyard farm in Southeast Texas focusing on Miniature Nubian Dairy Goats Fat5Farms Terry and Samantha Bartley Lumberton, TX 77657

Exodus Farm

Disease-free, high production, correct Alpines. *M, *B, SG, GCH, CH, backgrounds. We are a Christian, holistic farm. Email exodus.far (at!@)

Northern Dawn Nigerians 
We raise Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats. Our herd is on Dairy Herd Improvement milk test. Extended lactations and correct conformation are important to us. 



Purebred Nubians since 1987 and now in 2016 BoerxNubians

Razzleberry Farm
Breeding Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini LaMancha's. Contact Angi at 757-472-8530 (cell).


37's Mini Farm 
Breeding for polled and hardiness, in addition to milking and conformation. Nigerian dwarf, kiko, alpine/saanen cross, and crosses of them. Polled Nigerian buck. 

Birds of a Feather Farm
Birds of a Feather Farm is located in the little, quaint town of Carlsborg, Washington on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. We raise dwarf Nigerians. To Reach us: P.O Box 1016 Carlsborg, WA 98324 Phone: 360 417-1546 (No Sale Calls)

Dairy*Meadow Farm
Raising registered Oberhasli's and Nigerian Dwarfs (DHIA, LA, Show). 
We stand behind our goats in Show and Milk.
Elk, WA

Onion Creek Oberhaslis 
Located in the beautiful mountains of North Eastern Washington. We raise American Oberhasli for dairy, show stock, pets, and packing. We breed for wide pelvic bones so they have easy kiddings, traditional Old World dark red bay with strong, crisp markings. We also focus on milk production for dairy or home use. Our goats are double registered with ADGA and IDGR. We offer both horned and polled kids. Our goats have lovely personalities and sweet temperaments. If you are looking for quality Oberhasli, you'll find it at Onion Creek! 

West Virginia

God's Tiny Touch Farm
Breeding Nubians and Saanens at God's Tiny Touch Farm owned by Sheldon & Eugenia Wolfe. Sheldon's Cell 304-851-9993 Home 304-538-3771 E-mail: Find us on Facebook @ God's Tiny Touch Farm. 

Cottage Goat 
Breeder of registered Nigerian Dwarf goats as well as ranch-quality dairy and Boer goats. Now developing Nygora crosses to add fiber to our crop. Small-scale home-based operation in northern Wyoming. Find us on Facebook with the Goats and Goat Lovers page for pet/breeding stock/home-milkers/private treaty meat sales.