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(Formerly IDGR-IFBR, International Dairy Goat Registry

Note: This was an example of an online evaluation just to give an idea of what we are planning.  Stay tuned... More later

General appearance:  Apache is another shorter bodied buck as was Tansy, but good width in proportion to overall size.  He seems to have strong pasterns from what I can view in photos but my main observation on his rear legs, he could have better angulation from hock to pastern(needs to be straighter from hock to pastern). Good length of rump once again could be flatter rump
His Breed character is good like to see him slightly more wider in the muzzle , if you look at Milkman's head and Apache head, I think you will some difference as well.  Also another observation is his forelegs are underneath his shoulder assembly better than Milkman or Tansy
Dairy Character:  Once again will refrain from rib & skin comments but he is sharp in withers and I can really see the desired wedge shape of the body certainly from his side profile picture.  I would be willing to bet this buck is very open in his ribs and at least has good angulations of rib angling back to his flank
Body capacity:  Apache being short body in length does have good depth of barrel and full at the point of elbow( or at least full by photo of the hair)  He would score very well in Body capacity. Overall good depth and balance.
 Overall Score Rating
This buck would score a lower VG(Very Good) showing good balance but would like to longer bodied and better angulation from hock to pastern. I would sue Apache on does needing front end assembly, dairy character and depth of body, be careful using on shorter body does.
You asked about VG, In classification, we use final score of P(Poor) F(Fair) G+(Good) VG(Very Good) EX (Excellent).  To get EX you must be 90 or above, VG would be 85-89.9
G+ is 80-84.9 and so I have never gave a P but have scored animals F, and I only seem to see a few animals a year that may score a EX due to fact it should be a hard score to achieve.


Example Of Online Evaluation