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(Formerly IDGR-IFBR, International Dairy Goat Registry

Because these goats are still in the development stage right now they are registered in only the Experimental and Purebred Categories.

The Miniature Dairy breeds are new breeds of goats being developed in the U.S. by crossing the standard dairy goats (Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg) with the Nigerian Dwarf goat to produce a medium size dairy goat. For Example the offspring of a standard Nubian Goat and a Nigerian Dwarf goat would be registered as experimental Miniature Nubian.

EXPERIMENTAL: Both parents must be registered Experimental miniatures, or be registered Purebred or American with IDGR, ADGA, AGS, or NDGA to be entered in the Experimental Miniature herdbook. Grade does may only be used with special permission. Grade bucks may not be used. Submit a copy of parents registration papers if not registered with IDGR. Specific breeds (i.e. Miniature Alpine , Miniature Nubian) may have slightly different requirements for upgrading to purebred, however the 3rd generation to meet the breed standard will be entered in the purebred herdbook.

PUREBRED: A goat out of two Purebred IDGR registered Miniatures will be registered in the Purebred herdbook. Also a goat whose parents are registered experimental miniatures and has met the requirements for its breed may enter the Purebred herdbook. Purebred miniatures registered with MDGA must submit three clear photographs and a 4 generation pedigree. Those who appear to meet breed standards and requirements will be registered in the Purebred herdbook.

Photographs: Photographs are required on all Miniature Dairy goats being registered in all categories. Either black-and-white or color prints or clear computer print-outs will be accepted; color is preferred. The animal should be standing on level ground with its head up, and against a plain background if possible. Close up photos are also preferred. Due to their highly perishable nature, Poloroid or Instamatic pictures cannot be ac­cepted. If possible send at least two photos of each goat.

Identification: Some type of ID is required on all goats being registered. The prefered method of identification is tattooing. All animals must be tattooed in both ears. For your protection, your herd name and tattoo prefix should be registered with IDGR to insure your exclusive use. It is recommended that the prefix of the breeder be tat­tooed in the right ear, and a code that indicates year and sequence both in the left ear. “Y” is the recognized letter for 2008 births; “Z” for 2009, “A” for 2010, etc. The letters G,I,O,Q and U are never used. Example: the 4th kid born in 2008 bred by Magic Wind Farm could be tattooed MWF in the right ear and Y4 in the left ear. Other types of identification that are acceptable in include microchips and certain approved ear tags.

Herd Prefix: All animals must be registered with the breeder’s prefix as the first part of their name. The “breeder” is defined as the owner of the dam of the animal at the time she was bred.

The IDGR believes that the primary function of a registry is to record and preserve information on animals and their progeny. This is why we allow the recording of grade bucks, as opposed to the practices of other registries. However, the IDGR’s motto is ‘For Better Breeding’ and the sys­tem of upgrading follows that philosophy by encouraging goat breeders to use the best bucks available to improve their animals’ offspring. Remember we at IDGR can only do so much to keep our herdbooks pure and correct. We are counting on you the breeders to be honest and keep accurate breeding and kidding records.

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Mini Dairy Goat Registration Requirements