Transfer of Ownership

International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry 

(Formerly IDGR-IFBR, International Dairy Goat Registry

EDITED 1 MARCH 2015- PLEASE READ OUR UPDATED TRANSFER POLICY. These changes have been put in place to encourage all our members to maintain accurate records of sales. We have been increasingly seeing animals submitted for transfer who have been sold multiple times without any transfer being notarized. Please read carefully our new transfer policy:

To transfer an animal the seller must fill out the transfer portion on the back of the printed certificate of registration. This section must be signed. The certificate should be mailed to the IDGR office with the appropriate fee. Transfers are $3.00 per animal with a certificate reprint; $2.00 per transfer without a certificate reprint. If the certificate is not reprinted, the original certificate will be endorsed on the back by the IDGR office and returned to the purchaser unless otherwise noted. ALL TRANSFERS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF DATE OF SALE. Any transfer taking place more than 12 months from date of sale (for all sales occuring after    4-1-2015) a $1.00 late fee will be charged. The transfer is the responsibility of the SELLER. We encourage all our members to maintain accurate records and to help the IDGR office by submitting births, deaths, and transfers to help us keep our database as accurate as possible. Thank you!